The Grudge that Keeps on Giving

A couple of weeks ago, Penn Jillette decided to chime in on the controversy that followed after Jane Fonda said “cunt” on national television. In fact, it was from Penn’s video diary that I heard about the non-event.

From Crackle: Penn Says – Jane Fonda Says C*nt [The video is no longer available]

Penn provided the catalyst for me to put down why this grudge has always bothered me.

Whenever someone refers to Fonda as “Hanoi Jane” (and it’s usually a conservative) I think to myself, this decades-old grudge makes her so much more important than she deserves to be. She’s a fucking actress! What she did in 1972 in Hanoi (for which she apologized years later) was stupid and irresponsible.

Imagine that: a stupid, irresponsible entertainer!

Whenever Jane Fonda succeeds in reminding the world that she exists, it provides the Fonda grudge holders of the world an opportunity to give her even more undeserved attention — and they can never resist it. They seem to be unaware that it serves her interests.

“An Itch in Time”

One of my favorite Warner Bros. cartoons is “An Itch in Time” which features a dog with a flea, but the dog is threatened by Elmer Fudd that he will get a bath if he scratches himself again. The dog is in agony from the itching. He creeps over to the sleeping cat and kicks it. The cat responds instantly by rapidly scratching the dog. The dog leans into the scratching with an ecstatic sigh.

To me, the dog is Jane Fonda, the flea is her celebrity narcissism, and the cat represents all of the Jane haters that can’t help but give her the satisfaction she is seeking.

The scratching moment occurs at about 5:50. It’s hilarious.

I actively work at not knowing or caring about the personal lives and the personal opinions of entertainers. I only wish it were as easy as maintaining my ignorance about the personal opinions of other people from whose professions I benefit. For example, the last interaction I had with an unfamiliar person was the cashier at a bookstore tonight. His personal and political opinions had no reason to intrude on my dealings with him tonight — and they didn’t. (Though he did provide me with excellent, friendly service.)

Penn Jillette should be no exception to me, but I can’t help but think of him as someone I would like if I knew him personally. For one, he’s a public atheist, and he’s funny — a celebrity antidote for the charmlessness of the atheists getting press lately. In addition, he’s an anti-celebrity in the sense that he seems to have little vanity, nor does he seem overly invested in wanting to be loved — or hated.

Perhaps I’m projecting. He is an entertainer after all. He’s on “Dancing With the Stars” now, for chrissakes. I’ve been watching and enjoying his video diary since it came out, and have found myself a bit disappointed in some of his statements and opinions — such as his adding to the latest “Hanoi Jane” chatter.

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  1. Steve Reply
    March 16, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Hanoi Jane is important because it might keep other stupid celebrities in their place… on the big screen. There are scarce few celebrities who use their celebrity status responsibly: Bono, George Clooney, and I’m out. Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Brangolina, have a following and influence voters, and when they sympathize with active enemies of liberty and America, they need to know that there will be a price to be paid. Jane is a reminder for them.

    Furthermore, we should never forget the damage that traitors cause. Jane was traitorous. AP and Reuters stringer embedded with militias killing Americans are traitors (if from allied states). Celebrities hob-nobbing with Castro are very close to traitorous. They only aren’t because we are not at war with Cuba. At the VERY BEST, they are supremely naive. At worst they love communist totalitarian regimes and disregard the liberty and rights of all of Castro’s political prisoners. Celebrate Jane being crucified over her old crimes. Each should be followed by infomercials selling her work-out tapes so each stupid celebrity who wants to follow in her steps understands their future.

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