How To Jump Off of a Playground Rocket

Playground Rockets

This image is taken from Lauren Orchowski’s gallery of Playground Rockets, and annotated by me.

Playground Rocket Diagram

There was one of these in a playground near my house in Lakewood, Colorado when I was growing up, and I knew it intimately.

Here’s a tip:

Climb Up. Jump Off.

Follow these instructions at your own risk.

Climb up the slide (A). Spit on your hands and bare feet if necessary for better stick.

When you get to the protective tunnel (B), climb on top of it.

When you reach the top of the tunnel, hold onto a couple of the bars, and then stand up on the tunnel.

Now, with a little climbing you should be able to get to the third level (C), with your toes sticking into the rocket on the platform.

Move to the left or right one or two bars at a time. Keep going until you are over (D) the pile of playground gravel you created earlier with your hands. Jump (E). Land safely (F). Feel awesome.

It helps if you are 10-years-old and indestructible.

Photo Credit: Lauren Orchowski (Fair use)

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