Vitameatavegamin (original song)


I’ve been working on this song intermittently for more than a year — a victim of neglect, life events, and many technical disasters in the recording process.

The title is taken from Lucy Does a Commercial, “the second greatest television episode of all time” according to Nick at Nite. (I Love Lucy S1 E30)

The lyrics were inspired by various narcissists.

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This song features:

Terry Dumdei, an amazing guitarist in Flagstaff. He provided the rockin’ guitar. Throw money at him if you get a chance.

Anne Wittke, a friend who sang at my wedding, and was a good sport to help out with the background and bridge vocals here.

The Classic Sketch:

Lucile Ball Vitameatavegamin

And this is rare: I kind of like my vocal performance on this song. How did I ever do that inflection on “bald-headed clown?”

Photo Credit: CBS Television Distribution (Fair use)

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    August 12, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Nice job! When do you start gigging?:-)

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