This morning my stepdaughter told me about a dream she had about a cross between a jellyfish and a pig with superpowers: Jellypig.

I sketched this out:


“No,” she said, “That’s not what it would look like.”

It was important to her that I understood that the pig with superpowers is the mother of Jellypig, and the jellyfish is the father.

Calling Dr. Freud.

Anyway, Jellypig would be a great band name.

Update January 2019:

This post needed a featured image. I went a little overboard.

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  1. Ellie Kesselman Reply
    December 1, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    You most certainly did NOT go overboard! I am very fond of oinkers. I am from New Mexico, well, I lived until recently with my family in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA after the death of my husband. I have an entire blog that is devoted to piggies in one form or another. I like the babirusa. They were thought to possibly be kosher, but not, alas. Although I am Jewish, that is okay with me. I have no desire to eat my friends. Piggies are sleek, pink, curious, energetic, and intelligent. I am glad you like them too.

    Who is “she” in your blog post, if I may ask?

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