Foosball on a Trash Pile (Sketch)

I was lost and being led by three children through a maze of narrow walkways in a crowded neighborhood. Mud brick and plaster homes were packed tight and piled on top of each other.

I could only see a few yards in any direction, just as far as the next turn on the mud and stone path. Then, briefly, there was a clearing on my right.

Trash Pile Foosball - Antananarivo Madagascar
© 2015 Ted Johnson

It was a community trash pile with foosball on top. The neighborhood seemed bordered on the west by a buffer of garbage, and beyond it swampy rice fields.

Antananarivo Neighborhood near Lake Masay
It was somewhere down in there, just northwest of Lake Masay

The two boys were in an intense match. I thought of taking photo, but I didn’t want to distract them. And I didn’t want to keep my young guides waiting or abuse the kindness they were offering me by leading a stranger out of their quarter.

This was back in October of 2014. I was out for a run on a Sunday. I was exploring Antananarivo and I decided to try to find a shortcut home. This is where the idea for Photos from Memory came from.

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