Barbie Mantis (Sculpture)

Barbie Mantis

In my life Barbie raises her ugly head, so to speak, far too often. I mean Barbie in the eponymous sense, not strictly BarbieTM.

I recently was given a some bad Barbie bits, and this is what I did with them:

 Barbie Mantis
Behold the Barbie Mantis

Doodling and music are my main forms of artistic expression, but once in awhile I make a sculpture. (And most of my sculptures of the last 20 years have been Jack-o-lanterns.)

Last month the little girl in my life known here as Pizza Girl, asked for a new fashion doll.

I said yes, but…

I proposed to her what I thought would be a tough choice. She has a bunch of old fashion dolls, broken, headless, heads with no bodies, defaced, etc. I said that she would need to either (A) give all of her bad Barbie bits to some poor kids we see frequently, or (B) let me create a Barbie monster with these doll parts.

Without hesitation, she said I could create a monster.

I still have three doll heads I haven’t used.

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