7 Fixes for Trump’s ‘Uncle Sam’ Meme

Pull my finger

Trump shared this paranoia-stoking meme the day after he became the third American president in history to be impeached. It shows Trump pointing his finger like Uncle Sam, with all caps text, saying IN REALITY an unnamed THEY are after YOU – presumably Trump supporters.

I don’t follow Trump on Twitter, so I didn’t see it at the time. But a quick scan of the comments and the replies shows that many people who reacted to it in real time simply contradicted the statement, replying to the President that, No, they are definitely after him.

I saw it for the first time recently on Facebook, shared by someone I’ve known since grade school. As someone who wanted to see Trump both impeached and removed, I identified myself as part of the THEY. But unlike the anti-Trump comments I saw on Twitter, I agreed with the words in this stupid meme – in a way. In fact, I think most of us in this THEY would agree, in a qualified way, that THEY’RE AFTER YOU.

What do THEY want from YOU?

THEY is a diverse group. THEY don’t all want precisely the same things. THEY are after the YOU implied in this meme – but not in the round-YOU-up-and-enslave-YOU sense, or whatever anxious nerve Trump is poking with his stubby little finger as he portrays himself as the protector of YOU.

The Constructive Critics

Some of the THEY really just would like to see YOU try a little harder to engage with rules of evidence – or at least rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. THEY really think it’s a small thing to ask of YOU, and YOU will be so much better off for it. But the poor examples set by Trump – his error-filled Tweets and speech, and his assaults on reality – are in the way of YOU’s self-improvement.

They're after your punctuation
They're after your reality

The Social Workers

Some members of THEY believe deep down that YOU are good, but misguided; THEY have not written YOU off. But THEY despair that Trump is in YOU’s way, blocking the path to redemption.

They're after your change of heart
They're after your changing the channel

The Scolds

By contrast, another faction within THEY has no hope for YOU. To them, YOU are lowly and despicable and/or hopelessly gullible. But THEY take pleasure in reminding YOU how THEY feel about YOU. But Trump is in the way – insulating YOU from the full sting of their ridicule.

They're after your humiliation
They're after your recognition that I'm a con artist

In Reality…

It’s true that THEY, in all their manifestations, would be more than happy to collect YOU and Trump as necessary trophies – YOU redeemed or crushed, Trump locked up, and Trumpism decisively discredited. But, if I dare to speak for all the factions of THEY: YOU aren’t what THEY want at all.

They're after rule of law, liberal democracy, Trump in prison

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  1. Sis Reply
    April 26, 2020 at 7:46 am

    Such opposite interpretations, it’s hard to imagine the opposing sides understanding each other, especially when Trump Haters are so sure they are “right” and those who disagree are just mindless, illiterate zombies, needing guidance and education from their betters. It’s almost ridiculous how predictably and reflexively the other “THEY” will disagree with anything Trump says or does.

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