Rat’s Revenge (Sketch)

Dead Rat

There’s a decomposing dead rat in our car, hidden somewhere in the body panels.

What!?,” you ask in astonishment. “You have a car!?

Dead Rat Sketch
Narrowed down to the area under the dashboard

But You Hate Cars!

My dirty secret just got dirtier, and a whole lot stinkier. We have a car. A van actually. In theory, it’s not a personal vehicle but a side hustle – to rent out to tourists. And to prove what kind of marketing genius I am, I’m publishing this blog post advertising that our van smells like rat death. (Follow us on Facebook!)

The forensic theory about the rat is that we forgot to close the windows one night last week. In the morning someone remembered, and then closed all the windows. Since we don’t use the car for personal use, the rat must have been trapped in the car for a week and starved to death – but not before gnawing on the upholstery and the window moulding.

I hate having a car.

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