Animated Marginalia (Sketches)

Sketch of a streaker

Recently I created a page on this site for my album of Marginalia – 40+ years of doodles from the margins my notebooks and other surfaces. The album existed only on Facebook. And I’ve become anti-Facebook. So I copied them all here.

Along comes this delightful tool: Animated Drawings. It allows you to upload and animate “children’s drawings” And who is behind this new source of delight? Meta AI Research. Facebook. Sonofabitch!

I selected a few of the Marginalia doodles, and had some fun. Grudgingly. Here are the results.

Bear / Ourse

I believe I was trying to educate someone in Madagascar about bears, and the relative size of a bear to a human and a lemur.

That bear looks pretty pissed off, but the animated version just looks like it needs to piss.

Bear Sketch

Three-Eyed Bon Vivant

I was just doodling with my daughter. But she always wants reassurance that my creatures, in spite of their appearances, have good lives.

The animated version seems pretty satisfied.

3-eyed guy having a great life

“Things Could Always Be Worse” Guy

The AI program wants to know where the shoulders are before it animates. Well, this guy’s shoulders are above his ears, and that introduced a glitch. Whatever he was upset about before, things got much worse after the AI treatment.

A cautionary tale.

Angry Guy Sketch

Medical Exam Streaker

This doodle is from 1994, sketched during a meeting where Peace Corps staff were preparing volunteers for our end-of-service medical exam.

I cheated on this animation a little: I digitally edited the doodle to give him two left feet so they would point in the same direction.

Medical Exam Sketch

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