Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 21, 2023

Welcome to the Half-Hearted Fanatic Privacy Policy. Here, we delve into our approach to handling your information, ensuring your privacy rights are respected in the digital wilderness.

Interpretation and Definitions


Capitalized terms have specific meanings. Whether singular or plural, these definitions apply.


  • Account: Your unique portal to our realm, granting access to the wonders of our Service.
  • Affiliate: An entity dancing in harmony with us, under the spell of shared control.
  • Company: Known as Half-Hearted Fanatic, the maestro orchestrating this Agreement.
  • Cookies: Magical files on your device, weaving the tapestry of your browsing history.
  • Country: The enchanting land of Virginia, United States.
  • Device: Your trusty companion—be it a computer, cellphone, or digital tablet—unlocking the gateway to our Service.
  • Personal Data: The essence of information relating to your mystical identity.
  • Service: The sacred space known as the Website.
  • Service Provider: Conjurers—whether natural or legal—assisting us in weaving the magic of the Service.
  • Usage Data: The cosmic dance of data, born of your interaction with the Service.
  • Website: Half-Hearted Fanatic’s realm, accessible through the portal
  • You: The adventurer, whether an individual or a company, embarking on the journey through our Service.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

Types of Data Collected

Personal Data

Your story unfolds with personally identifiable information, including but not limited to:

  • Email address
  • First name and last name
  • Usage Data

Usage Data

The cosmic ballet of Usage Data unfolds automatically as you engage with the Service:

It includes the rhythm of your Device’s Internet Protocol address, browser type, pages visited, and other diagnostic data.

When the adventure is on a mobile stage, we may collect additional information, such as your mobile device’s unique ID and operating system.

Your browser also whispers tales as you traverse our Service, revealing the secrets of your journey.

Tracking Technologies and Cookies

Enter the realm of Cookies and tracking technologies, shaping the destiny of your journey:

  • Cookies or Browser Cookies: Magical files on your device, guiding your path. You can command your browser in the ancient ways to refuse them, but beware, some parts of our Service may remain hidden.
  • Web Beacons: Electronic allies in our realm, counting visitors and illuminating the popularity of sacred sections.

Cookies may be Persistent or Session, each with its own enchantment. Persistent Cookies linger even after you depart, while Session Cookies vanish with the closing of your web browser.

For more mystical insights into our cookies, visit the TermsFeed website.

Use of Your Personal Data

The Company weaves the threads of Personal Data for various purposes:

  • To provide and maintain our Service: Monitoring the cosmic dance of our Service.
  • To manage Your Account: Your key to unlocking special functionalities.
  • For the performance of a contract: Fulfilling the mystical contract forged during purchases or other endeavors.
  • To contact You: Sending messages through various channels, ensuring you’re attuned to updates and communications.
  • To provide You: Unveiling news, offers, and insights into realms you’ve explored or are yet to discover.
  • To manage Your requests: Attending to your beckoning calls and managing your queries.
  • For business transfers: Evaluating the cosmic alignment for mergers, transfers, and other ethereal transactions.
  • For other purposes: Unraveling the mysteries through data analysis, trends, and improvements.

We may share these revelations in certain situations:

  • With Service Providers: Sharing with magical beings aiding us in analyzing and facilitating the Service.
  • For business transfers: Transferring information during the cosmic ballet of mergers, sales, or acquisitions.
  • With Affiliates: Sharing with our kin, with the understanding that they honor this Privacy Policy.
  • With business partners: Extending our magical influence through partnerships.
  • With other users: When you share or interact in the public arenas, your revelations may resonate across the realm.
  • With Your consent: Disclosing information with your blessing for other cosmic purposes.

Retention of Your Personal Data

The Company holds your Personal Data as long as needed for the cosmic dance described in this Privacy Policy. Usage Data, a more transient essence, serves internal analysis, fortifying security, and enhancing Service functionality.

Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your information embarks on journeys to the Company’s operating offices and other ethereal places. Your consent guides these travels, ensuring secure treatment aligned with this Privacy Policy.

Delete Your Personal Data

You hold the power to delete or request assistance in removing the Personal Data we’ve gathered about you. Our Service provides tools for this mystical endeavor. Remember, though, some information may linger due to cosmic obligations.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

Business Transactions

In the grand cosmic play, if the Company engages in mergers or sales, your Personal Data may pirouette into different hands. Fear not, for notice precedes such transfers, and a new Privacy Policy takes the stage.

Law enforcement

Under celestial circumstances, the Company may reveal your Personal Data if required by law or at the beckoning of public authorities.

Other legal requirements

The Company may unveil your Personal Data in good faith, to comply with laws, protect rights, prevent wrongdoing, ensure safety, or guard against legal perils.

Security of Your Personal Data

While we wield commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Data, remember, no transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure. The cosmic dance involves a degree of unpredictability.

Children’s Privacy

Our Service is not a playground for those under 13. We do not knowingly collect the essence of anyone under this age. If you’re a guardian, and your young one inadvertently shares their essence, let us know. We shall take steps to remedy the cosmic imbalance.

Links to Other Websites

Our Service may be a gateway to other realms. Clicking on third-party portals may transport you elsewhere. Take heed, for we cannot control nor assume responsibility for the arcane practices of these distant realms.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The cosmic dance evolves, and so may our Privacy Policy. We’ll send mystical whispers via email or prominent notices on the Service before changes take effect, ensuring you’re prepared for the next act.

Review this script periodically, for changes are effective when posted on this cosmic stage.

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