About Ted

I’m a Doodle Artist, Bicycle User, Dog Lover, Musician, Skateboarder, Songwriter, two-time RPCV, and Half-Hearted Fanatic, living in Madagascar.




You don’t do social media? Howsabout I email you? Just once in awhile, when I publish a new post – or even less often? No spam. I won’t give or sell your address like the precious gold that it is. This isn’t automated yet, but I’ll get there.


These days I do most of my posting to Mastodon, and I have set up automations to post to the other networks – because I hate all of the other networks, but I think automations are fun.


Like the Half-Hearted Fanatic Facebook page — where I post stuff, including blog posts usually right after they go live on this blog.

Also: Fuck you, Meta.


I still have an account on Xitter where you can Follow me, but I don’t feel good about it.

Also: Fuck you, Elon.


The same sketches that I post here, plus more stupid stuff:

Also check out The Nutrients on Instagram

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