Homework Blues (ad-libbed song)


I recently rediscovered this recording from 2010. My ten-year-old daughter had a bad day and wanted to vent about it. I was practicing electric guitar, and happened to be plugged into my audio recorder. We ad-libbed a blues song.

“Homework Blues”

A couple of explanations…

I don’t think we’d ever what…?

The phrase, “I don’t think we’d ever poop on a job site,” was in heavy rotation around the house for a few days. It’s from this 2010 clip from The Colbert Report; a proposed slogan for a landscaping company that found itself competing for business against goats.

Landscaping Goats


She complains about eurythmy. Which is an “is an expressive movement art” taught in Waldorf education, and purported (by Waldorf advocates) to have therapeutic benefits. (e.g. It prevents cancer!) Among the many sketchy and/or wacko aspects of Waldorf Education, eurythmy is probably the most benign.

Photo Credit: anthony kelly (CC BY 2.0)

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