Lunch Break Surfing Guy who looks a little bit like Adrian Belew (Sketch)


Here’s a guy surfing on his lunch break.

There are probably people who can actually do this; folks with desk jobs who can skip out for lunch, catch a few waves, and be back, dried off, and ready for their 1:30 meeting.

Lunch Break Surfing
© 2019 Ted Johnson

I don’t remember what inspired this doodle. I think I was just trying to capture a surfer stance. But once I was done, I decided that the surfer reminded me of Adrian Belew.

Adrian Belew in 2006
Photo: Burt (CC BY 2.0)

Belew, in case you are interested, is my favorite musician of all time. He’s written and performed some of my favorite catchy-as-fuck pop songs — in particular with his group The Bears. And he’s up for the most challenging avant-garde compositions you can throw at him — particularly if you need a rhinoceros sound in your music. As far as I know, he is completely innocent of ever having committed jazz.

Musicians know him. Casual music fans might not, but they’ve definitely have heard his work. He’s worked with Frank Zappa, David Bowie, the Talking Heads, King Crimson, Paul Simon, Nine Inch Nails, and many more artists.

I don’t know whether or not he surfs, but he scored the music for an Academy-Award-winning film about a sandpiper hatchling comically dealing with surf for the first time. And he does have a surf song that you can hear here at about :50.

Adrian Belew Power Trio - "Pretty Pink Rose/Surf Song/Big Electric Cat/d2/One Time - 03/14/2017

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